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Jeff Rasley




CITY TOURSWe provide a free pick up and drop off service if you’re located within 5kms of Melbourne CBD.

If you’re outside of this area, there will be an additional $30.00 surcharge. You can avoid this fee by suggesting a meet point in the city and we can pick you up from there. 

ALL OTHER TOURS:  We want to make sure your ride is packed full of the good stuff and not the boring stuff like highways, plus keeping it as affordable as possible for you which means, we will meet you at the nearest Train Station of the experience - see below:

Great Ocean Road Tour - Meet at Geelong Station

Yarra Valley Tour - Meet at Lilydale Station

Mornington Tour - Meet at Frankston Station



It is SUPER IMPORTANT that you provide us with the correct measurement for your head prior to your booking. This is to guarantee we’re able to provide you with the correct fitting helmet which ensures your absolute comfort and safety – our number one priority. 


Use a flexible belt, tape measure or similar to measure around the widest part of your head (place it approximately 2 cm above your eyebrow, just above the ears and at the point on the back of your head that will give you the largest measurement for your helmet) then measure the length and compare it to the chart below:


Helmet Size - Head Circumference (cm)


** If incorrect measurements have been made, we will have to return to Moto Cartel HQ to supply you with a correctly fitting helmet at a cost of $30 for our City highlights tour and $100 for all other tours** Avoid this by triple checking your measurements!



So that we keep your body protected and well insulated, please compare your measurements to the chart below:



As part of our health and safety commitment to you, you will be provided with the below items free of charge, which are clean and free from any damage:


  • Australia Safety Standard Approved full-face Helmet 

  • CE Approved All-weather Jacket (CE = Conformité Européene EN13595 - Safety Compliance Standard)

  • CE Approved Leather Gloves 

  • Complimentary Bottle of water

  • Hairnet

  • Bluetooth communication



  • Jeans or similar pants (Full-length – no shorts/skirts etc)

  • Closed and solid footwear (For example: Boots (no heels), Sneakers etc)

  • Sunscreen

  • Small camera / mobile phone 

  • Please keep belongings to a minimum as we have limited space to carry loose items – you may however bring a small backpack if you require – at your own risk.


“I was drinking/partying last night” – Hey, we get it. You’re on holidays and you’re having the time of your life but we take your safety very seriously. If you’ve been drinking or taking recreational drugs, we ask that you reconsider your booking with us – we’re happy to work with you if you went too hard the night before and will happily reschedule – at the end of the day, we want everyone to go home to their loved ones. 


In the event of inclement weather before the ride departure, we will assess the severity and determine if the ride is safe to continue or reschedule. If the Moto Cartel Crew decide that the weather is not safe enough to ride in, you will not be charged a rescheduling fee.


Whilst we do our best to keep up-to-date with all road and traffic conditions and updates, there may be times where a route is impacted by roadworks/traffic/accidents etc – in that case, we will alter the route to the best of our ability and will do what we can to ensure your absolute satisfaction!


We operate state of the art BMW motorcycles. They are maintained to a high standard however in the unfortunate event of a mechanical breakdown, there will be two outcomes:


  1. If the bike is repairable by roadside assist and it is safe to do so, we will continue the journey as per the booking.

  2. If the bike is irreparable by roadside assist, we will determine a refund based on the amount of the tour already undertaken (i.e. If the breakdown occurs halfway through the ride, a 50% refund will be offered or the chance to rebook, depending on availability).

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